It is noticed with pleasure that nowadays the women of our society are becoming working women. They are no more dependent on men. Their role is changing gradually. They are no more only mothers and home-makers. They have come out of their houses. They are not timid. They are participating in both official and unofficial work. They are contributing to the national uplift. They are participating in armed forces and trying wholeheartedly to serve the nation. They can conduct business. They are earning money and sharing with the man all the family responsibilities. So, their contribution is no more negligible. But the women who are engaged in service cannot take after their family well. They cannot take care of their children properly. Their children are deprived of motherly love and affection. In many families, girls are still confined in household duties. Their parents think that one day the girl will become a housewife in a house. They think that they are not fit for doing work in an office or somewhere else. They are born to do household chores like cooking, washing up, feeding babies and managing the household. Here the female domestic workers are treated brutally. Women generally work longer hours than men but they are getting less money. This kind of partial treatment should be stopped. Whatever may be the circumstances, the women should be encouraged so that they can take part in the total development of the family as well as the country.