Where are you from?/Nationalities

  • What is your nationality? 
  • Where are you from?

When someone wants to know what country or place you are from they would ask you this question.

You can state which nationality you are or which

I am___________.

Examples for stating your nationality:

  1. I am American.
  2. He is French.
  3. She is Brazilian.
  4. My mother is Spanish.
  5. He is Dominican.
  6. Where are you from?

It is common to state where you are from, by stating the country, state or city you grew up in.

  1. I am from _________.
  2. Examples:
  3. I am from Germany.
  4. He is from Japan.
  5. She is from New York.
  6. My grandpa is from Sweden.
  7. My friend is from Egypt.
  8. Where do you live now?

When talking about the present you would state where you live now or presently.

  1. I live in _________.
  2. Examples:
  3. I live in Miami, Florida.
  4. He lives in Buenos Aires.
  5. My brother lives in the Philippines.
  6. She lives in Los Angeles.

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