What do you do? /Jobs

What do you do, is a common question. It is what you ask someone when you want to know what they work in or how they spend their time. It is impolite and not common to directly ask someone, “What is your job?” in English. 

When someone asks you “What do you do?” they mean… 

  1. What do you work in? 
  2. What do you do for a living? 
  3. How do you spend most of your time? 

Possible Ways to Answer 

  1. I’m a … 
  2. I am… 
  3. I work as a… 

Example Sentences 

  1. I’m a teacher. 
  2. I’m a full time student. 
  3. I’m a stay at home mom. 
  4. I work as an engineer. 
  5. I am in between jobs right now. 
  6. I am a retired nurse. 
  7. I’m a college student and work part-time as a bartender. 
  8. I work in a paper factory. 
  9. I work in sales for a large telecommunications company.

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