What Are You Doing Right Now?

In the United States, it is common to ask someone ‘What are doing?’. If someone asks you this, they want to know what you are doing in this exact moment. 

I am + verb +ing 

Example Sentences 

  1. I am reading a book. 
  2. I am practicing English. 
  3. I am talking on the phone. 
  4. I am learning to speak English. 
  5. I am writing a note. 
  6. I am cooking dinner 
  7. I am cleaning the kitchen. 
  8. I am washing clothes. 
  9. I am driving to work. 
  10. I am at work. 
  11. I am making an appointment. 
  12. I am paying bills online. 
  13. I am chatting with my friends on Skype. 

If you aren’t don’t anything really interesting you could respond by saying: 

  1. Nothing 
  2. Nothing much 
  3. Not much

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