You look greatYou look hot!I think you’re hot
You’re heavenly!You’re very pretty!You look so radiant
I think you are gorgeousYou are so adorableWow, you’re gorgeous!
I think you’re stunning!I think you’re super cute!You look like an angel
You’re very charming!I can’t take my eyes off youYou have looks to die for
I love the way you look todayI think you are very attractiveI think you’re good-looking
You look absolutely fantasticYou look absolutely ravishing!You look as pretty as always
You look drop dead gorgeousYour beauty is incomparableYour smile melts my heart
You make my heart meltYou’re beyond gorgeousYou look out of this world
Watching you is like listening to angels singI have never seen anyone as beautiful as youI think you’re the most beautiful [girl] in the world.