Perfect!Super!Exactly rights
Tremendous!Good work!Marvelous!
That’s greatKeep it up!Good for you!
Good goingGood thinkingCongratulations. You got it right!
Couldn’t have done it better myself.I knew you could do itI like that
I’m happy to see you working like thatI’m proud of the way you worked todayI’m very proud of you  
I’ve never seen anyone do it betterKeep on tryingKeep up the good work.
Keep working on it.Much better!Nice going
Not badNow you have it!Now you have the hang of it
Now you’ve figured it outOne more time and you’ll have itOutstanding
That’s coming along nicelyThat’s better than everThat’s good
That’s how to handle thatThat’s itThat’s much, much better!
That’s not half badThat’s quite an improvementThat’s right!
That’s the best everThat’s the best you’ve ever doneYou’ve just about got it
You’ve just about mastered itThat’s the right way to do itThat’s the way!
Way to go!Well look at you goYou are learning fast
You are really learning a lotYou are very good at thatYou certainly did well today
You did a lot of work today.You did it that time!You did that very well
You haven’t missed a thing!You must have been practicingYou out did yourself today!
You really make my job fun.You’re doing a good jobYou’re doing beautifully!
You’re doing fine!You’re doing that much better todayYou’re getting better every day
You’re improvingYou’re on the right track now!You’re really improving
You’re really working hard todayYou’re really going to townYou’ve got it made.