Ways to Say Someone is Correct or Incorrect

Absolutely.Exactly.That’s it.
That’s spot on.There is nothing to add on that.Yes, that’s right.
Yes, that’s very correct.You are quite right.You could say so.
You have hit a nail on the head.You’re dead right.I’m afraid so.
Actually, I don’t think…Actually, I think you’ll find that…I don’t think you’re right about…
I don’t think you’re right in what you are saying..If you check your facts, you’ll find…I’m afraid that’s not quite right.  
I’m afraid you’re mistaken.No, that’s all wrong.No, you’ve got it wrong.
Oh no, that’s not correctSorry, that’s not related to what we’re talking aboutSorry, you’re mistaken here
Where did you hear that?Would you mind to think twice on what you’re sayingYou have done that wrong. Do it over.