It’s Interesting
I adore it.I couldn’t put it down.
I couldn’t tear myself away.I like it.
I was so into it, I lost track of time.I’m addicted/ attached to it.
I’m crazy about it.I’m fond of it.
I’m keen on it.I’m passionate about it.
I’m very interested in doing and learning about it.I’m very interested in it.
It looks fantastic.It looks good.
It sounds good/ great.It’s my thing.
It’s fascinating.It’s intriguing.
This is totally sick!This is wicked!
“It’s Boring”
It does nothing for me.I can’t bear/ stand it.
I dislike it.I don’t appreciate that.
I was bored to death.I was bored to tears.
I was dying of boredom.I’m disinterested in that.
I’m impartial about that.I’m not a big fan of it.
I’m not crazy about it.It bores me to death.
I’m not keen on it.It bores me to tears.
It doesn’t tickle my fancy.It’s not my cup of tea.
It’s about as exciting as watching paint dry.It’s dull.
It’s like watching grass grow.It’s like watching paint dry.
That’s not for me.