Ways to Say I’m Hungry and I’m Tired

I’m hungry
I need food!I’m peckish
I’m famished!I’m starving!
I’m so hungry I could eat a scabby horse!I’m so hungry I could eat an ox!
I’m so hungry I could eat an ox!I’m freaking hungry!
My tummy is talking to me/ I’m ravenous.I’m craving… (when you are hungry for something specific)
I’m hungry as a bearMy stomach feels like my throat’s been cut
My stomach is growlingI’ve got the munchies!
I’m hungry as a wolfI could eat the north end of a south bound bear
I’m tired
I’m poopedI’m dog-tired
I’m spentI’m exhausted
I’m worn outI’m beat
I’m doneI’m flat out tired
I’m dead on my feetI’m running on fumes
 I’m fatigued I’m knackered
I’m tired outI’m weary
I’m tired to the boneI’m stuffed
I’m drainedI’m running on empty
I’m wiped outI’m whacked (UK)
I’m shatteredI’m drowsy
I’m sleepyI’m wiped
I’m friedI can hardly keep my eyes open
I’m gonna hit the sackIt’s bedtime for me
I’m all in (UK)I’m off to bed
I’m dead to the worldI’m dragging
I’m on my last legsI’m bushed
I’m at the end of my rope.