Ways to Say “I’m Going to Bed”

Turning inTake a snoozeStretch out
Shut-eyeRip and tearRack down
It’s past my bedtime.It’s bedtime.I’m off to bed
I’m going to hit the sack.I’m going to hit the hay.I’m going to crash.
I’m going to catch some Z’s.I’m going to bedI think I’ll say good night now.
I think I’ll retire for the night. I think I’ll turn inHit the shucks
Going up the wooden hill    Going up the golden stairsGoing to turn in for the night
Going to the roostGoing to the rackGoing to the feather ball
Get some sleep-eyeGet some shutGet my beauty sleep
Get in the sackGet in the hayGet in the feathers
Get forty winksCatch some z’sCatch some shut eye
Catch me a nodCash in my chipsCash in
Call it quitsBunk for the nightBlow some z’s
BeatBag the z’sBag down/ About to retire