I value youI want youI’m fond of you
You’re my sunshineYou’re perfectI must have you
I adore you so muchI cherish youI dream of you
I’m in love with youI’m mad about youMy love is unconditional
You are the reason I’m aliveYou’re pricelessI’m addicted to you
You are preciousI’m crazy about youI’m thankful for you
I’ve got a crush on youYou are my treasureI’m drawn to you
You are my worldI live for our loveYou’re the best
You’re my loverYou’re my angelI yearn for you
You are my one and onlyYou are the light of my lifeI care for you deeply
I am infatuated with youI can’t live without youI’m devoted to you
I’m nuts about youI think you’re the oneI want a lifetime with you
I love being around youI need you by my sideI’m enamored with you
I’m head over heels for youI’m infatuated with youI’m lost without you
I’m nothing without youI’m passionate about youI’m under your spell
I’ve totally fallen for youMy heart calls out for youTake me, I’m yours
You’re captivatingYou’re heavenlyThere is no other
We complete each otherYou are my crushYou are my crush
You are my dearYou are my everythingYou are my strength
You complete meYou drive me wildYou fill my heart
You give me wings to flyYou had me from helloYou inspire me
You intoxicate meYou light my flameYou light up my life
You make me hotYou motivate meYou rock my world
You simply amaze meYou stole my heartYou’re all I want
You’re charmingYou’re enchantingYou’re everything to me
You’re my happinessYou’re my ideal womanYou’re my perfect match
You’re one in a millionYou’re special to meYou fill me with desire
You bring joy to my lifeYou’re the one for meYou set my heart on fire
I feel something for youYou turn me inside outYou’ve got what I need
You’re a dream come trueYou’re the light of my lifeYou’re the love of my life
You mean so much to meYou mean the world to meYou’re the miracle of my life
I’d like for us to get togetherI’m physically attracted to youWe were meant to be together
We’re meant for each otherWe’re perfect for each otherYou are a blessing in disguise
You are an angel from GodYou sweeten my sour daysYou’re a twinkle in my eye
You are my reason for livingYou’re absolutely wonderfulYou turn my world upside down
You turn the darkness into lifeYou’re the reason I’m aliveYou make me burn with desire
You hold the key to my heart. You’re as beautiful as a sunsetYou’re one in a million
You can’t deny what’s between usYou lift me up to touch the skyI feel affectionate toward you  
I’m a better person because of youI’m blessed to have you in my lifeYou make my heart skip a beat
I think of you as more than a friendYou are like a candle burning brightYou make my world a better place
I’ve had a crush on you for a long timeYou’re the one I’ve always wished forYou bring happiness to my rainy days
I love you from the bottom of my heart.