All Right!Exactly rightExcellent!
That’s it!Just right!Unbelievable
Way to go!Simply superbStupendous!
MagnificentMarvelous!First class job
First class workGood for you!That’s great
Good going!Good thinkingRight on!
Better than ever!I’m impressed!You’re one of a kind
You’ve got it now.You’ve mastered it!What an improvement!
You always amaze meYou are fantasticYou are learning a lot
You are learning fastYou are so goodYou did it that time!
You did that very wellYou don’t miss a thingYou got it right!
You hit the target I’m very proud of youKeep up the great work!
Nothing can stop you nowNow you’ve figured it outThat’s really nice work!
You make it look easyYou haven’t missed a thingYou did that all by yourself
You’re doing beautifully!You are very good at thatThat’s the way to do it
It’s perfect!Nice going!That’s right!
Well doneI’m speechless!Great work
How creativeKeep it up!Keep on trying!
You got it!Not bad at all!That’s the way!
Now you have itI knew you could do it!Great improvement!
That’s much betterThat’s it exactlyThat’s the best ever
That’s the way to do itCouldn’t have done it better myselfTremendous job
What a creative idea!What a good try!What a neat work!
You’re doing wellYou’re learning fastThat looks like it is going to be a great paper
That’s quite an improvementThat’s the right way to do itThat’s a real work of art
That’s coming along nicelyYou’re doing a great jobYou’ve just about mastered it
Your studying really paid offYou must have been practicingYou’re on the right track now
You’re getting better every dayYou’ve just about mastered thatI’ve never seen anyone do it better
One more time and you’ll have itIt looks like you’ve put a lot of work into thisNow that’s what I call a great job
We couldn’t have done it without youKeep working on it, you’re improvingI’m happy to see you working like that
That’s an interesting way of looking at itThat’s the right way to do itYou certainly did well today.