RespectsFantasticHats off!
SensationalWell doneGood job!
You rock!Nice goingGood show!
Good going!Good for you!Good on you!
Good one mate!I am impressedWay to go
You did it!You’re a genius!You’re the best
You’ve got itPat on the backThat’s the way
That’s the best everYou did it that time!You make it look easy
You really deserved itYou did that very wellWhat a good try
Many happy returnsThat is better than everYou’re doing a good job
You’re doing beautifullyYou’re really growing upThat’s the way to do it
You are very good at thatYou’re on the right track nowYou’re really going to town
That’s the right way to do itYou have done a great job!You’re getting better every day
You’ve just about mastered thatNothing can stop you nowThat’s the best you’ve ever done
Keep working, you’re getting betterI’m happy to see you working like that.