Uncountable Nouns

Uncountable nouns represent something which cannot be counted. Here is a list of some common uncountable nouns.

absence evil electricity
access existence energy
agriculture failure environment
anger faith equipment
atmosphere fashion loneliness
beauty fear love
behaviour finance luck
cancer fire Magic
capacity flesh Marriage
childhood food Mercy
china freedom Music
comfort fun Nature
concern ground Paper
confidence growth Patience
courage happiness Peace
death health Philosophy
democracy help Pleasure
depression history Policy
design ice Poverty
duty independence Power
earth industry Pride
education insurance protection
purity spite waste
rain status water
reality stuff wealth
relief teaching weather
intelligence technology religion
joy time respect
justice trade safety
labour training Salt
security transport Sand
silence travel Welfare
sleep trust Wind
strength truth Worth
snow violence  

These nouns normally do not take articles. To make them countable, you can use measure words: a glass of water; a jug of milk, etc.

  1. Correct the errors in the following sentences:
  2. Waters are essential to life.
  3. Could I have some salts?
  4. We find sands in the desert.
  5. Fires burn.
  6. He is fond of musics.
  7. There has been no rains for the last one In month
  8. I enjoy funs.
  9. The English poet Wordsworth was a lover of natures.
  10. He is in good healths
  11. He is suffering from cancers.
  12. He takes pride in his wealths
  13. A soldier must have a courage.
  14. We must try and eliminate a poverty in this country.
  15. Complete the sentences with measure words appropriate to the uncountable nouns.
  16. Can I have [dash] bread?
  17. Can I have [dash] toast?
  18. I have bought [dash] toothpaste.
  19. This is [dash] sugar.
  20. I want [dash] washing powder.
  21. There is [dash] garbage piled on the pavement.
  22. Please give me [dash] water. .
  23. I am going out for [dash] fresh air.
  24. Can I have [dash] soap?
  25. A table is [dash] furniture. : .
  26. Here is an interesting [dash] news.
  27. Give me [dash] paper please.
  28. This [dash] information is not correct.

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