Watching TV and movies is something that most people enjoy.

Below you will find vocabulary, phrases and resources to help you talk about TV and movies in English.

Talking about TV:

  • Common Types of TV shows:
  • Sitcom- amusing show about fictional characters
  • Cartoon- animated drawings
  • Reality- follows real people around, doing ‘real’ things,
  • Soap Opera- fictional show that goes on for a long time and is often very dramatic
  • I like to watch ____________shows.
  • My favorite TV program is _____________.
  • I don’t watch TV.
  • Did you see the last episode of ___________?
  • What happened last night on __________?

Talking about Movies:

  • Many people like to go to the movie theater, rent movies or view movies online.

Common Movie Genres:

  • Comedy, action, drama, horror, family, romance and thriller.

Rating: Many countries have a rating system that tells you who should watch the movie, from children to only adults.

  1. Matinee: a show in the afternoon
  2. Sequel: a second movie in a series
  3. I heard ____ is a good/bad movie.
  4. ________ was a great movie.
  5. I really want to see __________.
  6. What time is ______ movie showing?
  7. How much does it cost to see ____?
  8. Do you want to go to _____ with me?
  9. Did you like the ending of ___________?

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