Because ofAs a resultUndoubtedly
With this in mindThusIndeed
In factConsequentlyObviously
In order toHenceParticularly / in particular
Provided thatFor this reasonEspecially
Granted that    Due toClearly
Given thatAs a consequence (of)Importantly
In view ofThereforeAbsolutely
With this intentionAccordinglyDefinitely
With this purposeThenWithout a doubt
Seeing thatForthwithNever
For the purpose ofThereuponIt should be noted
Owing to Unquestionably
 So that Above all
 Of course
 In truth
 With attention
 To emphasize
Additionally / an additionalFor example/ For instanceUnlike
FurthermoreSuch asNevertheless
AlsoProof of thisOn the other hand
As well as thatTo demonstrate/ To clarifyDespite/in spite of
Along withIllustrated byIn contrast (to)
BesidesFor one thingWhile
In additionIn the case ofWhereas
MoreoverTo demonstrateAlternatively
Not only…but alsoTo clarifyConversely
In addition to thisIncludingEven so
Apart from thisNamelyDiffering from
FurtherIn this caseContrary to
FinallyTo simplifyIn opposition
LastIn another caseUp against
SimilarilyIn this situationContrarily
As well asOn this occasionAs opposed to
Coupled with Yet
Not to mention Instead
Together with Notwithstanding
In the same fashion Rather
  First Nor
Second Though 
To repeat  
To clarify  
In detail  
SimilarlyFirst/ firstlyTherefore
Equally    Second/ secondlyTo summarise
Similar toThird/ thirdlyIn short
Same asLastly and most importantlyTo sum up
Compare / compare(d) to (with)Last but not leastIn summary
By the same tokenAboutBriefly
In the same wayNextTo conclude
CorrespondinglyLaterIn essence
As with  SinceIn brief
EqualFinallyOn the whole
Just as…so tooAt this timeIn conclusion
Just asNow  In any event
Just likeOnceGiven these points
BothIn the first placeUltimately
AlikeTo begin withIn the final analysis
In commonPrior toGenerally speaking
In like mannerPreviouslyAll things considered
In a similar mannerBeforeUsually
Still anotherSubsequentlyBy and large
ResemblesAbove allOverall
EitherAfter    As noted
Most importantEventuallyAs shown above
In the spitting image ofTomorrowAs demonstrated above
    In turnAs you can see
MomentarilyIn a word
From this pointIn the end
Not long afterTo end
Granted thatAdmittedlyAs a rule
IfAll the sameRegularly
WhenUp to a pointCommonly
Because ofEven soUsually
In that caseIn spite ofFor the most part
ThenAlthough/Even thoughNormally
UnlessEven ifPredominately
AsHoweverIn general/ Generally
SinceAnd stillOn the whole
WhileAnd yetOverall
WheneverBe that as it mayTypically
WhileRegardless of thisIn most cases
Although this may be trueAlbeitOn the whole
In the event thatAlthoughBroadly speaking
Only ifEven thoughMainly
Even ifNonethelessGenerally speaking
On the condition that More often than not
Given that   Mostly
In other wordsSome examples of these might be:That is to say
Otherwise statedSpeaking about/ofTo put it in another way
That is to sayConsideringTo put it clearly
AlternativelyIn termsTo break it down
Alternatively statedWith respect toTo simplify
Put differentlyConcerningTo clearly define
To put it differentlyThe fact thatIn lay terms
In a nutshellWith regards toIn other words
Put in another wayRegardingI mean
In simple termsIn connection toSimply stated
Simply putAs far asSimply put
SimplifiedAs applied toIn simple terms
Said differentlyPertaining toTo explain
Reiterated To make plain
Namely In explanation 
In short  
In summation  
Expressed simply  
In simple language  
Space/ Location  
On topNext to 
AroundOn bottom 
To the leftNearby 
At the rear