A trade fair is a fair for the display of industrial goods to the foreign buyers to get them acquainted with the exportable items of the concerned country. It helps to earn foreign exchange. It is a gigantic affair. So it cannot be organized by an individual. It is normally held once a year. Great publicity is done for this purpose. All this publicity is made through advertisement in the national and international dailies to draw the attention of the industrialists and producers, national and international. The host country also advises friendly countries to install stalls in a trade fair to display their exportable goods to the importers of the host country. As a trade fair gives scope to a country to display her products: friendly countries gladly respond to the call of the host countries. Works of arts, crafts, handicrafts, as well as products of agriculture and industry are placed at different corners of a trade fair. There are also arrangements for recreation, food, etc. for the visitors. Thus a trade fair is very much useful. A host country can know the other parts of the globe through a trade fair. The day is not more so far when we shall be able to import necessary goods keeping the balance of trade in our favour. A trade fair should be held every year to encourage importers of foreign countries to import goods from our country.