or, My Grand Mother

or, The person I like most

My grandmother is the most favourite member of our family. She is an aged lady. She is about seventy years old. She was a successful house-wife. She looked after the family-affairs of a humble school teacher, my grandfather, very efficiently. She brought up all her children creditably. As a result of her wise ministration, all of them are now very well-placed in society. Now she has retired from active life. But her retirement proves that she has not retired at all. For, she is now very busy with us- her grandchildren. She constantly takes care of our health, education, and recreation. Besides, she becomes our affectionate and secure shelter when anybody gets angry with us and threatens us for our naughtiness. Moreover, she has countless amusing stories for our recreation. She is a very pious, generous and charming lady. She loves us very dearly and we are very fond of her as well. In fact, my grandmother is the person whom I like most.