The Curse of Dowry or, Dowry System

Dowry system is a curse in our social life. This system is very harmful to society. Many innocent women fall victim to dowry system and their lives become miserable. This dowry system has been prevalent for many years among the Hindus. The Hindu women cannot inherit their paternal property. That’s why, cash money, various ornaments, goods, dresses, etc. are given in their marriage ceremony. This evil tradition is established in Muslim society day by day. Many men marry women for their property and if they are unable to get these, they torture women. Many times, as a consequent of this, the girls take the way of suicide or they are killed by their husbands or others. There are some women who go back to their father’s home forever. There is no doubt about the necessity of removing the dowry system. To abolish this system govt. has enacted strict laws. Yet dowry system is continuing and the women are suffering. We have to try to put an end to this system. We should protect women from the curse of dowry and everybody, both male, and female, of the society, should be conscious in this matter.