Talking about Likes

There are different ways to say you like or enjoy something in English.

  1. I like…
  2. I enjoy…
  3. My favorite _______ is…

If you really like something and want to emphasize how much you like it, you could use one of the phrases below.

  1. I love…
  2. I really like/love…
  3. I adore…

Example Sentences

  1. – I like pizza.
  2. – I like to read books by Dr. Seuss.
  3. – Peter enjoys running in the snow.
  4. – I enjoy this peace and quiet.
  5. – I love eating sushi. It is so delicious.
  6. – I love learning new things.
  7. – Bob really loves the new morning program on NBC.
  8. – I really like taking long walks in on the beach.
  9. – I adore Maria. She is such a nice girl.
  10. – My favorite movie is Top Gun. It is full of action.

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