Talking about Dislikes

There are many ways to talk about things you don’t likes. Below you will find some sentence starters and example sentences.

  1. I don’t like…
  2. I don’t enjoy…
  3. I dislike…*
  4. I hate…
  5. My least favorite ______ is…

Example Sentences

  1. I don’t like fish.
  2. I don’t like to pick up after my kids.
  3. I don’t enjoy eating spicy food.
  4. I don’t enjoy talking to my boss.
  5. I dislike this song.*
  6. I hate bugs.
  7. I hate crying babies. They give me a headache.
  8. My least favorite food is spinach.
  9. My least favorite season is winter.

* Dislike is not very commonly used in American English. You can use it and it is correct but not used as often as ‘don’t like’ or ‘hate’.

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