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Active and Passive ExamplesActive and Passive Examples

The table below shows example sentences in active and passive voice for the basic tenses as well as various other verb forms, including infinitives and participles.   active passive Present Simple How does one pronounce his name? How is his name pronounced? Present Continuous Ati‘s helping Tara. Tara‘s being helped by Ati. Present Perfect Kid has served dinner. Dinner has [...]

Passive VoicePassive Voice

Mice are eaten by cats. Although the passive voice is less common than the active voice, there are several good reasons to sometimes use the passive. How do we make the passive? The basic structure of a passive clause is very simple: subject + auxiliary verbbe + main verbpast participle + by [...]

Active VoiceActive Voice

Cats eat mice. The active voice is the “normal” voice of an English sentence. Intransitive verbs (verbs with no direct object) are always in the active voice. Transitive verbs are usually in the active voice: subject verb   Johnny laughed.   Anton got up late. People drink water. In the [...]


Everybody drinks water.Water is drunk by everybody. Voice is a grammatical category that applies to verbs. Voice in English expresses the relationship of the subject to the action. Voice has two values: active: the subject does the action passive: the subject receives the action Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.           [...]