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Future TenseFuture Tense

Now read the Passage A : The spring will begin tomorrow. In the morning nature will look very bright and charming. Birds will sing and flowers will bloom in trees. How enjoyable the days will be! Rising early in the morning, I shall have a walk by the riverside. Then [...]

Past TensePast Tense

Read the Passage A : Arif left for school in time. On the way he met his friend Saif. They were good friends. They used to practise speaking English. They started walking together. The sky was cloudy. So they were walking fast. They had reached the school gate before it [...]

Present TensePresent Tense

Now you have to learn that each of the three principal tenses has four forms namely (a) Present Indefinite Tense (b) Present Continuous Tense (c) Present Perfect Tense (d) Present Perfect Continuous Tense. 1.Present Indefinite Tense is used to express: (i)A universal or general truth             :         The earth moves [...]


Read the sentences in the passage A : Navvy is a boy. He lives in Dhaka. He reads in a Govt. High School. He is fond of pet-animals. He has a cat. He loves it very much. This passage describes the action of present time. The sentences belong to present [...]