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Interjections are a sound people make that has a common meaning. There are tons of common interjections in English. You most likely have heard them and maybe you use them as well.  Mmmmmmmm!  Expresses: Something tastes good. Is delicious.  Yeah!  Expresses: Agreement  Duh!!  Expresses: When something seems obvious or foolish.  [...]

Asking questionsAsking questions

There are many different ways to ask questions in English. Below you will find the most common question words and there are many resources for you to use to improve your ability to ask and answer questions. Most common question words: Who…? What…? Where…? When…? Why…? How…? How many…? How [...]


You complain when something does not go or is not right. There are many expressions you can use to complain in English.  I’m sorry to bother you but…  There seems to be a problem with…  Can you please help me with…  I want to complain about…  Could you please tell [...]


Knowing the correct way to invite someone to do something can be difficult in a new language. Below you will learn phrases to help you invite someone to do something in English. Inviting Someone to do Something Would you like to ______ with me? Would you like to go __________ [...]