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Optative SentenceOptative Sentence

The structure of indirect speech of Optative sentences. The Reporting verb is changed into wish or pray. The Optative form is changed into a statement. ‘That’ is used as a linking word. Direct           :         He said to me, “May you be happy”. Indirect        :         He wished that I might [...]

Imperative SentenceImperative Sentence

Structure of indirect speech Reporting verb is changed into tell, command or order, request – or beg orentreat or ask, forbid, according to the sense of the speech. Reporting verb and Reported speech are joined by Infinitive’to’. Direct          :         He said to me, “Do it now”? Indirect        :         He told [...]

Assertive Sentence or StatementAssertive Sentence or Statement

General Rules : If the reporting verb is in the present or future tense, the tense in the reported speech is not changed. Direct          :         Nabil says, “I am fine.” Indirect        :         Nabil says that he is fine. Direct           :         The man says, “1 shall do it.”   , Indirect        [...]