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Adverbial ClauseAdverbial Clause

Adverbial Clause: An adverbial clause is of different kinds. They are as follows: Adverbial clause of time:It is introduced by when, while, after, before, till, until, since etc. Example: (i)      Wait here until I come (ii)     He came when I was there (iii)    Many days have passed since he [...]

Noun ClauseNoun Clause

Noun Clause : A Noun Clause usually contains the conjunction ‘that’, or an interrogative pronoun or an interrogative adverb. The conjunction ‘that’ may remain expressed or understood. A dependent, or subordinate, clause contains a subject and a verb or verb phrase but does not express a complete thought. As a result, [...]


Now read the following sentences in the passage: We know that Haji Mohammad Mohsin was a very kind man. As he was kind, he used to help the poor people. One night a thief entered the room when Mohsin was sleeping. He woke up because there was a sudden sound [...]