Tag Questions

A Tag QuestionΒ is the question asked by the speaker after a negative or affirmative statement during conversation. Through a Tag Question the speaker wants to have an answer in support of the statement.

If the statement is affirmative, the question’ tag is negative.

If the statement is negative, the question tag is affirmative.


They came here, didn’t they?

They did not work:, did they?

The auxiliary verb or the modal used in the sentence is again used in the Tag Question. The noun used as subject is replaced by pronoun.


Birds fly in the sky, don’t they?

Birds can fly, can’t they?

If the sentence begins with Let’s, ‘shall we’ is used in the question tag.

Let’s go for a walk, shall we?

Let us go back, shall we?

Use appropriate Tag Questions in the following sentences:

  1. None can do it, [dash]?
  2. Neither of them went, [dash] ?
  3. Nobody went there, [dash] ?
  4. Everybody saw you, [dash] ?
  5. There is no pond in this village, [dash] ?
  6. It is a good idea,[dash] ?
  7. We ought to love our country, [dash] ?
  8. He need not depend on others, [dash] ?
  9. I am not ready, [dash] ?
  10. I am well, [dash] ?

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