Simple Sentence

Read the following passage :

Nadia is in class nine. She lives in Dhaka with her parents.  She has two brothers. They are also students. Nadia has a friend. Her name is Jhalak. She is also in class nine. Nadia and Jhalak go to school everyday. Returning from  school, they play in the lawn. They sit to read just after sun set. The lesson being over, they go to bed by 11 p. m. Both Nadia and Jhalak are good students. Reading is favourite to them. They like to play after school.

[Note: In the above passage every sentence has only one subject, one finite verb and also one clause. Students should also know that a clause means a part of a sentence]

A sentence which has only one Subject, only one Finite verb and only one clause is called a simple sentence. The Finite verb may be expressed or understood.

Hence, each of the sentences in the passage is a simple sentence.


Nadia is in class nine.

Subject    Finite verb

Returning from school, they play in the lawn.

Subject Finite verb

Both Nadia and Jhalak are good students.

Subject Finite verb .

They like to play after school.

Subject Finite verb

Read other sentences in the passage. Now say how they are simple sentence Identify the Finite verbs and Subjects.

Some words are given in the box 1 to be used as subject of sentences. Some verbs are given in box 2 to be used in the sentences. Make 10 sentences by using them.

1.Mahdi,     Swimming, Walking, Honesty, Nowshad, He, Rehana, Farmers, She, They 2.Reads, is,  sings,drives, walks, draws, visited, use, grow, work

One is done for you.

  1. Mabdi reads his lessons  regularly.

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