Similarities and Differences

Being able to make comparisons is important. Below you will learn some common phrases to help you talk about similarities and differences.

Sentence Starters to Talk about Similarities

_________ is like _______.

________ is similar to _________.

They both __________.

They don’t __________.

They can’t ___________.

Example Sentences:

  • This is like that.
  • They both can swim great.
  • They can’t read yet.
  • Emily is similar to James. They both love to dance.

Sentence Starters to Talk about Differences

  1. ________ is bigger than ________.
  2. ________ is smaller than ________.
  3. ________ is better than _________.
  4. ________ is more expensive than __________.
  5. ________ is nicer than _________.
  6. ________ is more helpful than _______.

Example Sentences:

  • The elephant is bigger than the mouse.
  • The BMW is more expensive than the Honda.
  • This shirt is nicer than that one

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