Saying Introductions

When you meet someone for the first time you need to introduce yourself, which means telling them who you are.

When you are introducing yourself or someone else you can also share a little more information. For

example… your job title, how you know the host, or something else about yourself.

Introducing Yourself

  1. Hello, I’m _________.
  2. I am __________.
  3. Hey, I’m ___.

Introducing Someone Else (Formal)

  • This is ____. He/She is my co-worker.
  • This is _________. He/She is _____________.
  • I’d like to introduce you to _____, the ______at _______.
  • I would like you to meet ______.

Introducing Someone Else (Informal)

  1. This is _________.
  2. This is my friend _____.

Examples Introductions

  1. – Hi! I’m Elizabeth, Eric’s cousin.
  2. – Hey, I’m Betsy. I’m the new project manager.
  3. – This is Carl. He is our new IT manager.
  4. – This is my girlfriend Paula.
  5. – I’d like you to meet Anna. She has been a friend of mine for ten years.

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