Restaurant or Coffee Shop

It is nice to go out to eat or drink once in a while. Order food in a public place can be difficult,especially if you are learning a new language.

Below you will find some phrases to use at restaurants or coffee shops.

  • I would like a table for ___.
  • I have a reservation for __________.

Waiter/Waitress: the person that takes orders and brings you food and drink

In the United States it is not common for you to make noises or gestures to get the waiters attention. It is best to try to make eye contact with by looking at them.


  1. I would like to have _______.
  2. Can I get __________?
  3. Do you have any specials?
  4. What do you recommend?


This is not what I ordered.

  1. You forgot to add the _______.
  2. This is too cold/too hot/burnt.
  3. Could you bring me more _________?


  1. Could I have the bill please?
  2. Can I get the check please?

Tip: It is common to tip (or leave more money) to the wait staff in sit down restaurants. Most people leave a 15% or 20% tip.

Extra food

  1. Can I get a to-go box?
  2. Can I get a take away box?
  3. Can I get a doggy bag?

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