Requesting Information

If you know how to make a request politely you will make a better impression on others. Being polite is important, with your friends, family and strangers. 

  • Would you please… ? 
  • Could you please…? 
  • Can you please… ? (informal) 

Example Sentences: – 

Would you please wake me up at 7am? 

  • – Could you please carry my suitcase? It’s really heavy. 
  • – Could you please fill out this form? 
  • – Would you please bring us two cups of coffee with sugar? 
  • – Could you please tell me your name again? I seem to have forgotten it. 
  • – Would you please call Mr. Peterson and tell him I am running late? 
  • – Can you please give me another drink? 
  • – Could you please say that again? 

Would you mind… ? 

Example Sentences: 

  • -Would you mind closing the door? It’s really loud out there. 
  • -Would you mind telling me where you bought this salad? It’s delicious. 
  • -Would you mind turning down the music? I can’t hear you. 
  • -Would you mind if I used your phone really quickly? I have to call my grandmother.

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