Talking about someone’s personal relationships can be a touchy (or sensitive) subject. Don’t talk to someone about their relationships until you get to know them a little more. 

Common Vocabulary Used When Talking about Relationships: 

  1. Single: alone, not in a relationship 
  2. Married: in a committed relationship 
  3. Divorced: formally married, now alone 
  4. In a relationship: in a relationship, but may not be that serious 
  5. Platonic relationship: just friends, no sexual 
  6. Friends: Someone you like to spend time with 
  7. Friends with benefits: people who have sex together but are not in a relationship 
  8. Hook up: someone you have sex with once, but not in a relationship 
  9. Make out: kiss a lot 
  10. Break up: end a relationship 

Example Sentences 

  • 1- After a horrible break up and divorce, I am happy to be single again. 
  • 2- We have been happily married for 10 years. 
  • 3- My brother is not in a relationship. He likes to hook up with random girls. 

Questions to ask someone about their relationship: 

  1. Are you single? 
  2. How long have you been married (together)? 
  3. When did you get divorced? 
  4. Have you been friends for a long time? 
  5. How did you meet each other?

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