Personal Characteristics

There are many ways to describe someone. Below you will learn some of the most basic ways to describe someone. 

There are many links in the resources section to help you expand you vocabulary and understanding of this topic. 

  • I am… He/She is…. 
  • tall/short 
  • fat*/skinny/average 
  • beautiful/pretty (used for describing women) 
  • handsome/good-looking (used for describing men) 

*It is not considered polite to call people fat, even if they are. It is customary to avoid this topic or say ‘overweight’ instead of fat or obese. 

Common Characteristics to describe someone’s personality: 

  1. Talkative (talks a lot) 
  2. Hard-worker (enjoys working a lot) 
  3. Athletic (enjoys sports) 
  4. Smart/intelligent Funny (enjoy jokes, good sense of humor) 
  5. Easy-going (goes with the flow, enjoys most things) 
  6. Lazy (does not do a lot) 
  7. Mean (rude, has a bad attitude, treats other people badly)

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