Oral saline is the only effective remedy in the case of diarrhea. When someone suffers from diarrhea his body is dehydrated, oral saline fills up the dehydration. If diarrhea attacked person is not given oral saline at the proper time he may die. Now we find many brands ready – made oral saline which we have to mix with proper amount of water. Making oral saline is not hard. To make oral saline we need a handful of gur or sugar, a pinch of salt and half a liter of pure water. By mixing all these things properly we can make oral saline and this saline can be used for twelve hours. A patient should be given all the natural foods he takes with the oral saline. We see many advertisements of oral saline in the television to make the people aware of what to do when somebody is attacked by diarrhea. Very often the advertisements teach us how to make oral saline and its uses. Though various programmes are telecast regarding oral saline and its uses, many people and children die of diarrhea every year.