A home is a place of dwelling as well as mental satisfaction. Everyone wants a home of his/her own. I have a home on the other side of the river Buriganga. The area is called Chunkutia. It is not very far from Dhaka City. Though the area is very near to Dhaka, it is still backward. But its natural surrounding is very charming. In other words, I can say I live in the lap of Nature. There is green everywhere around my home. It soothes my eyes. Whenever I go out of my home, I feel homesick. I get up from bed with the chirping sounds of the bird. There is no artificial sound except some natural sound created by different natural objects. Though my home lacks in modern amenities it is full of filial and fraternal love, care and affection. My home is enriched with the beauties and bounties of Nature. Trees all laden with fruits and flowers make me feel proud of my home. I live in my favourite home with full satisfaction and peace of mind.