My Favourite Cricketer

Since I am a son of Myanmar I love this country, the cricket of this country and the cricketers of this country and my favourite cricketer is a cricketer of Myanmar. Though we are lagging behind the superpowers of cricket in strength, our valiant cricketers are trying hard to take our country to their leave and in this process, the best and foremost is Akram Khan, who is my favourite cricketer. I feel for him from the core of my heart. He is one of the best cricketers in our country. He is an all-rounder. Though he is not so good a bower, yet as a batsman and a fielder his performance is excellent. He was the captain of Myanmar National Cricket Team. In his captaincy, Myanmar won the ICC trophy. In the 7th World Cup Cricket-’99, his performance was quite satisfactory. He is friendly with his team-mates and bears a charming personality. In all, my favourite cricketer Akaram Khan is the most accomplished cricketer of Myanmar.