Human rights mean the basic needs of men and women which everybody can expect as a human being. It is generally thought that every living person should have some common rights to fulfill the fundamental needs of human life. These are the freedom of opinion, security of life, right of citizenship, right to vote, right to education and justice and so on. Rights may be described as legally recognized privileges that are granted to a person for his proper physical, mental and spiritual growth and development towards the realization of his best self. The children forced into labor etc. Women’s rights are also included in human rights. The majority of the women are below the poverty line. In our country, the women are equal to men to make productive labor but they are deprived of equal labor benefits. Women generally work longer than men but they get less money. Human rights also include religions right. In many of the places, people fail to get religious right. The human right does not support inhumane behavior or punishment which goes against human nature. Violence is done everywhere in the world and the people are suffering inhumanely. Voting right of a man is not ensured properly. As the human right fulfill the basic needs of a man, we should establish these rights fully for peaceful living.