Grocery Shopping

Everyone needs to eat. When you need to buy food you go to the grocery store or supermarket. Below you will learn vocabulary and phrases to help you go grocery shopping.

  1. Shopping Cart: Buggy/Car you push around and put food in
  2. Shopping Basket: something you carry and put food in
  3. Aisle: Corridor or lane that food is separated into
  4. Asking for something:
  • Do you have __________?
  • Where can I find _________?

Sections of the Grocery Store

  1. Produce: fruits and vegetables section
  2. Dairy: milk, cheese and yogurt section
  3. Bakery: bread, donuts, cakes section
  4. Frozen Food: many types of food are frozen in freezers, ice cream, pizza, meals for one person, etc.
  5. Deli: have sliced cheese and meats and salads available for purchase
  6. Out of Stock: there are no more left

When will you get more __________?

  1. Cashier: the person that rings up your order
  2. Paper or plastic?: the kind of bag would you like to use; one made out of paper or one that is plastic
  3. Coupons: paper or electronic discounts that let you purchase an item for less money
  4. Do you have any coupons?

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