In recent years, there have been many alarming reports that the world’s temperatures are increasing day by day. This increase in global warming is caused by increased amounts of carbon dioxide around the earth. Most climatologists believe that the greenhouse effect is an important cause of global warming. It is gradual warming of the air that the earth is being heated. This warming is caused by the deforestation, by traffic clogs, jams, rapid growth of the industry, the use of chlorofluorocarbons in packaging and manufacturing commercial products. However, the main culprits for global warming are carbon-dioxide gas, produced by the burning of fossil fuels and forests, and pollutants such as methane and chlorofluorocarbons. Climatologists predict that midway through this country, temperatures may have risen by as much as 4°C. Carbon-di-oxide is gradually increasing in our space. It is a threat to our environment. If the deforestation is not stopped, the lower southern part of Bangladesh may go under water. We should take the necessary measures for tree plantation. We should save the earth’s wild creatures to save ourselves. Global warming must be stopped at any cost for saving mankind.