Now read the Passage A :

The spring will begin tomorrow. In the morning nature will look very bright and charming. Birds will sing and flowers will bloom in trees. How enjoyable the days will be! Rising early in the morning, I shall have a walk by the riverside. Then the breeze will be blowing from the south. The wind will be blowing in the month of Chaitra. The paddy plants will be tossing their heads in joy. During this season I shall have awakened every morning before the sun rises. I shall walk by the riverside in the evening to enjoy the sunset of spring. But I shall have returned home before darkness falls.

The above passage contains the sentences of the different types of Future Tense.

  1. Future Indefinite Tensedenotes an action that will take place in future. Examples: (a) We shall go there. (b) He will do it.
  2. Future Continuous Tensedenotes an action that will be going on in future. Examples: (a) I shall be playing in the field. (b) He will be sleeping at that time.
  3. Future Perfect Tensedenotes an action that will be completed at some point of time in future :

Examples :

(a) I shall have returned home by this time.

(b) He will have completed the work before the sun sets.

  1. Future Perfect Continuous Tensedenotes an action that will continue for a period of time.

Examples :

(a)He will have been playing for an hour before the sun sets.

(b) Neela will have been sleeping for three hours.

[Note: Future Perfect Continuous Tense is no longer in practical use]

Exercise : 1. Fill in the gaps with the right form of verbs:

(i)     He [dash] to Delhi tomorrow. (go)

(ii)     Mr. Rahim [dash] a house next year (build)

(iii)    He [dash] before you finish the work. (return)

(iv)    We [dash] in the garden. (play)

(v)     The sun [dash] at 5.20 tomorrow. (set)

  1. Change the tenses of the following as directed :

(i)      I did the work. (Future Indefinite Tense)

(ii)     He was playing with his friends (Future Continuous Tense)

(iii)    I had gone to school before you came here. (Future Perfect Tense)

(iv)    I had gone to school before you came here (Future Indefinite Tense)

(v)     She is preparing her lessons. (Future Continuous Tense)

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