Furthur Use of some prepositions:


  1. a) They left home at dawn.
  2. b) I reached home at night.
  3. c) He is now at home.
  4. d) They came at noon.

Similarly- (at school, at the door, at a distance, at present, at war etc. )

  1. e) He left school at 12. (when 12.)years old)
  2. f) He was then [dash] work.
  3. g) The examination is [dash] hand (near)
  4. h) There is a beggar standing [dash] the door.
  5. i) He can see better [dash] a distance.
  6. j) I could not know him [dash] first sight.
  7. k) The train ran [dash] full speed.

l)He could not finish the work [dash] a setting.

  1. m) He sold the thing [dash] a loss.
  2. n) He bought the goods [dash] taka 200.
  3. o) Pure milk is rare [dash] present.


  1. a) They travelled by boat/rail/car etc.
  2. b) He came by air/land/water.
  3. c) They work [dash] day or [dash] night.
  4. d) He sent a letter [dash] post or [dash] hand.
  5. e) We informed him [dash] letter or [dash] telephone.
  6. f) Eggs are sold [dash] the dozen.
  7. g) He sat[dash] me
  8. h) We paid [dash] cheque.
  9. i) He knows me[dash] name.
  10. j) He is older than you [dash] 5 years.
  11. k) It is four P. M.[dash] my watch:
  12. l)      We defeated them [dash] two goals to one.
  13. m) Can you finish the work [dash] tomorrow?
  14. n) The man died [dash] accident.

o )     The teacher pulled him [dash] the ear.

  1. p) I did it[ dash] mistake.


  1. a) I am speaking for my class.
  2. b) She cried out [dash] fear.
  3. c) He was silent[dash] shame.
  4. d) We heard a cry [dash] help.
  5. e) He ran away [dash] life.
  6. f) The house is [dash] sale.
  7. g) Hope [dash] the best, prepare [dash] the worst.
  8. h) Plant a new tree [dash] every tree you cut down.
  9. i) What is Dhaka famous [dash]?
  10. j) He did the job [dash] nothing.
  11. k) He was sent to prison [dash] stealing.
  12. i)      They are the passengers [dash] Khulna.
  13. m) The girl is tall [dash] her age (enough tall compared with her age.)
  14. n) In the desert [dash] miles and miles there is no house.
  15. o) He is not getting ready [dash] school.
  16. p) They voted [dash] him.

In :

  1. a) He is [dash] danger.
  2. b) They dry fish [dash] the sun.
  3. c) I did this [dash] his presence/ absence.
  4. d) I am [dash] difficulty.
  5. e) His party was [dash] power.
  6. f) We write [dash] black ink.
  7. g) Cut the apple[dash] two.
  8. h) He lived [dash] luxury.
  9. i) People [dash] general are ignorant of health rules.
  10. j) They were [dash] love.
  11. k) It is a novel [dash] three parts:
  12. l) Do you know the man [dash] white dress?
  13. m) The books were packed [dash] bundles.
  14. n) You may pay the amount [dash] part.
  15. o) He was talking a [dash] loud voice.
  16. p) You should pay[dash] advance.
  17. q) He is young[dash]years but old[dash]
  18. r) He will come [dash] September.

(in despair, in doubt, in wonder, in public, in secret, in private, in fun, in tears, in writing)


  1. a) We met him on the road.
  2. b) He was[dash] the way to Mymensingh.
  3. c) Mahdi went there [dash] duty.
  4. d) Dhaka is[dash] the Buriganga.
  5. e) He lives [dash] a small income.
  6. f) He said this[dash] oath.
  7. g) This story is based[dash] fact.
  8. h) He fainted and fell [dash] to the floor.
  9. i) He retired[dash] a small pension.
  10. j) He bought the machine [dash] credit.
  11. k) His father brought a car[dash]
  12. l)  He came here[dash]business.
  13. m) This is payable [dash] demand.
  14. n) He gave a lecture [dash] Shakespeare.
  15. o) There was a big home [dash] the main road.
  16. p) He is coming [dash] Monday.
  17. q) He is [dash] our committee.


  1. a) When do you go to bed?
  2. b) He sang [dash] the harmonium.
  3. c) What is he [dash] you?
  4. d) He rose [dash] high rank.
  5. e) I was sitting with my feet[dash] the fire.
  6. f) This is [dash] my liking.
  7. g) He is a secretary[dash] the MD.
  8. h) Japan is[dash] the east of Bangladesh.
  9. i) Mother sang her baby[dash] sleep.
  10. j) It is a quarter[dash] six.
  11. k) Do not start until the lights change from red [dash] green.
  12. l)      The fruit is sweet [dash] the taste.
  13. m) He tore the letter [dash] pieces.
  14. n) This picture is true[dash] life /nature.
  15. o) It was[dash] my advantage.
  16. p) The house was[dash] fire

Under :

  1. a) He holds a post [dash]
  2. b) I do not like to work [dash] him.
  3. c) The case is now[dash] trial.
  4. d) The criminal is[dash] sentence of death.
  5. e) The building is [dash] construction.

fj       India [dash] the Mohgals was very prosperous.

  1. g) How long can you stay [dash] water?
  2. h) Your application is [dash] consideration.
  3. i) This is a road [dash] repair.
  4. j) The cat is[dash] the table.
  5. k) We passed [dash] many bridges.
  6. l)      Fish move[dash] water.
  7. m) He is an officer[dash] the rank of captain.
  8. n) We found ten acres of land[dash] paddy.
  9. o) This is a matter [dash] discussion.

Above :

  1. a) We were flying [dash] the clouds.
  2. b) The sun rose[dash] the horizon.
  3. c) The temperature has been[dash] the average recently.
  4. d) It weighs [dash] or over ten tons.
  5. e) His conduct is always [dash] suspicion.
  6. f) The sky is [dash] the earth.
  7. g) A soldier should value honour [dash] life.
  8. h) Do not live [dash] your means.
  9. i) The applicants must be[dash] 21 years of age.
  10. j) He is[dash] meanness and deceit.
  11. k) He is now[dash] fifty.
  12. l)      There is nothing in this shop[dash] Taka 200/-


  1. a) Spread a cloth over the table.
  2. b) The birds flew[dash] my head.
  3. c) Tie a piece of cloth[dash] the top of the pitcher.
  4. d) He held an umbrella [dash] my head.

e )      We had a pleasant talk [dash] a cup of tea

  1. f) They climbed [dash] a wall.
  2. g) The river is [dash] so miles long.

h )     He spoke for [dash] an hour.

i )      The wires [dash] the streets are dangerous.

j )      Mr. Khan is [dash] you in the office.

  1. k) He is famous all [dash] the world.
  2. l)      He ruled [dash] a vast empire.


  1. a) Public opinion was against this proposal.
  2. b) We were going[dash] the current.

c j      They voted[dash] him

  1. d) He hit his head[dash] the wall.
  2. e) It is an injection[dash] rabies.
  3. f) Place the ladder[dash] the wall.
  4. g) He was leaning[dash] a pillar,

h )     The rain was beating[dash] the wall.

i )      She was married[dash] her will.

j )      Take precaution[dash] fire.


  1. a) It is a coat[dash] two pockets.
  2. b) The hills are covered [dash] snow.

c )      A baby[dash] no clothes came here.


Before/By/Within: (‘Before & by’ to denote a point of time & ‘within’ period of time)

  1. d) You must return by 6 p.m. (Not after six).
  2. e) You must come back before 6 p. m. (Any time before six)
  3. f) You must come back within an hour (Not before).

In/After (‘In’ is used for future action & ‘after’ is for past action)

They will return in a week.

He returned after a week.

In time/On time: (in time = not late, early enough, On time = On schedule, just time)

We reached the station in time.

The plane took off on time.

Exercise :

Fill in the gaps with prepositions from the box:

with by at for in over on under to against
  1. They reached the destination [dash] noon.
  2. The steamer was going[dash] the current.

iii.      Do you like tea [dash] sugar?

  1. A good teacher teaches[dash] example.
  2. Is he now [dash] the room?
  3. The leader is speaking [dash] his people

vii.     The plan flew[dash] our house.

viii.    There is nothing new[dash] the sun.

  1. When do you go[dash] bed?
  2. Is Mr. Hossain a teacher[dash] the staff?

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