Exclamatory Sentence


  1. The reporting verb is changed into exclaim, cry, shout etc. according to the sense.
  2. New words and phrases like. with joy/in joy, with sorrow/ in sorrow, in wonder etc. are used to express the meaning of exclamation. If the sense of exclamation is not clear, such phrases are not used.
  3. That is used as a linking word.
  4. The changed form becomes a statement.

Direct          :         The man said, “Alas! I am undone”.

Indirect        :         The man cried out in sorrow that he was undone.

Direct          :         He said, “Hurrah! We have won the game”:

Indirect        :         He exclaimed in joy that they had won the game.

Direct          :         He said to me, “What a funny boy you are”!

Indirect        :         He exclaimed in joy that I was a very funny boy.

Direct          :         He said, “What a fool I am”!

Indirect        :         He cried out with sorrow that he was a great fool.

[Note: ‘great’ is used before a noun]

Direct          :         He said, “What along journey”!

Indirect        :         He exclaimed that it was a very long journey.

Exception :

Direct          :         He said, “Who knew that it would happen”!

Indirect        :         He said that nobody knew that it would happen.

Direct .         :         He said, “By God! I have never done it”.

Indirect        :         He swore by God that he had never done it.

Direct          :         He said, “Had I the wings of a bird!”

Indirect        :         He wished he had the wings of a bird.

Exercise :

  1. Transform the direct speech:

(i)      The man said, “Alas! He is gone for ever”.

(ii)     Nazrul said, “What a charming scenery it is”!

(iii)    The girlsaid, “What a nice bird it is”!

(iv)    The boys said, “What a fool you are”!

(v)     They said, “How cruel the man is”!

Change the form of speech:

(i)      The boy exclaimed in grief that he was ruined.

(ii)     The man exclaimed with sorrow that it was a great pity.

(iii)    Altaf exclaimed that it was a very dirty thing.

(iv)    He swore by Jove that it was a very good news.

(v)     They cried out in joy that the sky was very clear.

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