Exam strategy means examination skill. When examination approaches, students begin to plan because 50% chances of success rely on examination skill rather than subject knowledge. A student should check and double-check the examination schedule and he should also check what he is allowed or not allowed to take in with him the day before exam. Budgeting time and avoiding elaborate answers unnecessary are also part of our exam strategies after getting the questions paper, he should read it carefully. It is better to read through the whole question paper before starting to write. It is again useful to spend time at least five minutes each question thinking about and planning answers. At first glance the questions may seem difficult, but it becomes gradually easier. A student should attempt all the questions to get good marks. It is also useful to underline the key words in the questions to help the examiner to know what he is required to do. He should also check back to make sure whether he is writing what he should write. He should always remember that his handwriting should be clear and legible. If one follows the exam tips on the exam day, he or she wins his or her chances of success.