A large area of land that abounds with trees, bushes etc. is called forest and deforestation means cutting down trees in large numbers. Trees are useful to us in various ways: they provide us with wood and other products, they give us shade and they help to prevent drought and floods. But the third of these services of trees is the most important. To draw quick profit from trees, men cut them down in large numbers. Trees are destroyed mostly for being used as fire wood. This destruction disturbs our ecological balance. It leads to soil erosion and deprives us of fruit and timber and causes economic loss. So, we have to realize the bad effects of deforestation. In fact, if deforestation goes on our country will be changed into a desert. So, we have to educate our common people and to persuade them to abstain from cutting down trees, otherwise the forests of our country will slowly disappear and we should be in great miseries.