Countable Nouns


Countable nouns are those which represent things that can be counted.

Here is a list of some common countable nouns:

accident bush door
account camp dream
actor captain driver
address car dress
adult card ear
animal case edge
answer castle effect
apartment cat Egg
article chair Election
artist chapter Engine
baby chest Eye
bag child Face
bank city Farm
battle class Father
beach club Field
bed coat Farm
bell college Finger
bird computer Foot
boat corner Friend
book country Game
bottle crowd Garden
box cup Gate
boy daughter Girl
bridge day Group
brother doctor Gun
bus dog hall
hand man road
Handle meal river
hat meeting room
head member ship
heart message shock
hill method sister
horse minute run
hospital mistake Station
hotel model Student
hour month Scheme
house motor Shirt
husband mouth Shop
idea nation Smile
island neck Spot
issue newspaper Table
job office Teacher
journey page Thought
judge park Town
key party Task
kilo path Tent
king picture Tour
kitchen plan Valley
lady plane Village
lake plant Walk
library problem Week
line product Woman
list programme Wall
machine project Window
magazine ring year

These nouns when used in the singular take the indefinite article: a/an


  1. Correct the errors in the following sentences.
  2. There was terrible accident in Bukingham yesterday.
  3. Cat is sleeping under the table.
  4. Dhaka is big city.
  5. There is bird singing on the tree.
  6. It is nice day.
  7. Egg is nutritious food.
  8. There was storm last night and boat capsized.
  9. They have son and daughter.
  10. He is reading book.
  11. She is writing letter.
  12. Car suddenly came round the corner and hit the tree.
  13. Every house has kitchen.
  14. Complete the sentences with one of the following words. You can make the

nouns singular or plural.


bank gun dream door horse mistake head dog friend
ring bag doctor club desk hospital class garden field
  1. There is [dash] ­close to our school.
  2. They have [dash] in front of their house,
  3. Don’t play with [dash]
  4. [dash] is a faithful animal.
  5. He gave her [dash]
  6. I had [dash] last night.
  7. Students carry their books in [dash]
  8. We need the services of [dash]­
  9. There is [dash] in our part of the town.
  10. [dash] is a noble animal.
  11. You have made [dash] in your essay.
  12. Do you have any [dash] here.
  13. [dash] are faithful animals.

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