Whenever we turn over the pages of the national dailies, we come across many headlines on child trafficking. The illegal traders have included children in their list like commodities. They make the children fall into their trap and the children fall prey at their hands. The illegal traders normally offer an angel like child candy, apple, sweets and what not. The children who are basically poor, respond to their call. The traffickers catch them at different areas. They sometimes buy children from local agents at a very high rate. The unscrupulous traders sell them outside the country. Hundreds of parents go mad losing their sons and daughters. The law enforcing agencies are up and doing. Still, the traffickers go on doing their inhuman business years after years. Again, we know the sufferings of a child after he has been sold. We just shudder at hearing the unbelievable, unimaginable and inhuman stories of their torture. The government should come forward with a newer policy to stop the curse of child trafficking.