A coaching center is a place where coaching is given on particular subjects of study. It is an age of competition and to cope with this age, the importance of a coaching center is undeniable. We see different coaching centers for different leaves e.g. university address coaching center, medical & engineering admission coaching center, college admission coaching center, and academic coaching centers etc. In a coaching center, all the subjects of a particular level are taught and tests are taken on those topics regularly. Lecture sheets, hand-notes and answer outlines of those subject are provided by the teachers of the coaching center if it is a good one. The teachers of the coaching centers are mainly the bright senior students who did well in their examination. A coaching center is more economical than private tuition because in a coaching center a student is taught all of his subjects paying a limited amount of money. But in private tuition, a student has to attend a specific teacher for a specific subject and has to spend double or triple the amount paid in a coaching center. A coaching center has its bad side also. By attending coaching centers regularly, a student becomes fully dependent on it and loses his creativity. In a commercial coaching, center student are not properly taught, the authority only thinks of their commercial benefit. Thus, we see that a coaching center has both good and evil sides. So a student should be careful in selecting a coaching center and should not be fully dependent on it.