A house is a bare necessity to live a decent and an enjoyable life. Man is a social being. He cannot generally think of living in a jungle departing himself from the humankind. Without a house to live in, no man can be happy. Even great prophets, philosophers and poets felt the need of a good house. The Prophet, Hazrat Mohammad (sm) who passed many hours in a cave of Hera mountain had a house where he passed the rest of his time in the company of his wives and children. Rabindranath, the great poet, curiously felt the need of a house as is expressed in his poem β€˜Asha’ and wanted his house to be situated by the side of an over-flowing river producing a sweet and melodious murmur. He wanted to have neither wealth nor honor but a house. An ideal house should have enough space. There should be a small garden in front of the house. The house should be surrounded by green trees. An ideal house is always neat and clean and has a calm and charming environment.