Active and Passive Examples

The table below shows example sentences in active and passive voice for the basic tenses as well as various other verb forms, including infinitives and participles.

  active passive
Present Simple How does one pronounce his name? How is his name pronounced?
Present Continuous Ati‘s helping Tara. Tara‘s being helped by Ati.
Present Perfect Kid has served dinner. Dinner has been served.
Present Perfect Continuous The police have been watching that house for weeks. That house has been being watched for weeks.
Past Simple They didn’t fix my phone yesterday. My phone wasn’t fixed yesterday.
Past Continuous They were interrogating him when I called. He was being interrogated when I called.
Past Perfect I wondered why they hadn’t invited me. I wondered why I hadn’t been invited.
Past Perfect Continuous She wasn’t sure how long they‘d been following her. She wasn’t sure how long she‘d been being followed.*
Future Simple They will hang him at dawn. He will be hanged at dawn.
Future Continuous They won’t be questioning him when you get there. He won’t be being questioned when you get there.
Future Perfect They will have repaired your car by 7pm. Your car will have been repaired by 7pm.
Future Perfect Continuous They‘ll have been treating her for exactly three months tomorrow. She‘ll have been being treated for exactly three months tomorrow.*
infinitive I dont want anyone to disturb me. I don’t want to be disturbed.
perfect infitive They seem to have taken it. It seems to have been taken.
participle I saw the cat eating it. I saw it being eaten by the cat.
perfect participle Having finished my work, I went home. My work having been finished, I went home.
gerund I insisted on them paying me. I insisted on being paid.
going to Is he going to sing Thriller at the party? Is Thriller going to be sung at the party?
used to Ram used to take care of everything. Everything used to be taken care of by Ram.
can They can question him for six hours. He can be questioned for six hours.
could It could have badly hurt you. You could have been badly hurt.
may The papers say they may release him. The papers say he may be released.
might Somebody might buy it. It might be bought.
must Passengers must wear seat belts. Seat belts must be worn.
should You should have told me. I should have been told.
ought to They ought to forgive him. He ought to be forgiven.

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